Teacher. Coach. Parent. Mayor.  

I’m Sean Spiller and today I’m announcing my candidacy for Governor of New Jersey because it’s not just millionaires and Wall Street that should have a voice. The rest of us deserve a voice. That’s why as mayor I passed rent control that helped hard-working families get a better quality of life. It’s why as Governor I will dedicate my efforts to make sure hard-working families can afford to live and work in the New Jersey they love. By investing in public education, helping small businesses grow, and making sure our economy works for regular people we can create an environment that is not just profitable, but one that improves the lives of those hard-working people that drive our economy in the first place. 

Sean Spiller smiling amd wearing a jacket and jeans standing looking at the camera

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“Sean Spiller has been amazing for small businesses as Mayor. He understands that we really drive our local economy. I’m so excited he is running for Governor. Go, Sean!“

“I can tell you he knows firsthand how important it is that we invest in our public education system. As a former high school science teacher and leader of the NJ Education Association, he’s been a tireless advocate for students, teachers, and families. That’s why Sean Spiller should be our next Governor.“

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